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Cross-species Detection in Barley1 GeneChip Array

Experiment Name: Cross-species Detection in Barley1 GeneChip Array
Accession No. & GeneChip: BB1, Barley1
Submitter: Experimenter: Rico Caldo, submitted by Rico A. Caldo
Experiment Type: cross-species comparison
Experiment Factor: species
Number of Replicates: 2
Quality Control Steps: biological replicates
Quality Control Description: This study was conducted in 2 replications.
Publication_id: PMID: 15020760
Title: A New Resource for Cereal Genomics: 22K Barley GeneChip Comes of Age.
Author: Close TJ, Wanamaker SI, Caldo RA, Turner SM, Ashlock DA, Dickerson JA, Wing RA, Muehlbauer GJ, Kleinhofs A, Wise RP.
Journal: Plant Physiol. 2004 Mar;134(3):960-8.
Last Update Time: 2004-06-10 09:18:42
Expression Data
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Description: This study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of cross-species detection in Barley1 GeneChip array. We hybridized cRNA derived from first leaves of barley green seedlings (as a control), as well as the same stage of seedling leaf from representative genotypes of wheat, oat, rice, maize, and sorghum. Ten to twenty seedlings for each species were harvested and pooled for RNA preparation, labeling, and hybridization.
Name: Rico Caldo
Institution: Iowa State University
Head of Laborotary: Roger P Wise


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