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Expression2GO--Classification of Gene Lists by Gene Ontology Help file

I. Setup Expression2Function Analysis

    Set Gene Function Type:  

    Top Level GO Term AC#:    *Up to levels down from this term will be retrieved.
    Set Output File Name:        *Do not use space or special character.

    Select Organism/Array Design:  *Gene lists input must come from this organism or array design or sequence database

II. Select Gene List Input Type: 


III. Import Gene Lists and Compare Their Functional Class Distribution

Provide lists gene or sequence names:

Multiple gene lists (up to 10) can be input for comparison. For input data format, please refer to a Sample Input for ATH1 GeneChip. Prefered input is lists of sequences, separated by comma, tab, or white space. Free text input is supported, though it may not always work accurately.

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