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FuncExpression GO2Expression -- Gene Ontology to Gene List and Expression Help file.
Method 1. Search GO Terms whose Names Contains:  
Method 2. Select GO terms from GO tree, click a folder icon to view/hide its child terms. Click checkboxes to select terms
Gene Ontology:
molecular_function(GO:0003674)helpATH1: 21986, Barley1:9706
biological_process(GO:0008150)helpATH1: 21643, Barley1:7846
cellular_component(GO:0005575)helpATH1: 21464, Barley1:4373
Create Gene List for Selected GO Classes

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      *ATH1 and Barley1 GeneChips are supported. More GeneChips are being added.
*Gene Ontology is developed by Gene Ontology Consortium  GO Home PageCurrent version: 200407.
*Arabidopsis GO annotation is TAIR's version 20050507 from GO Annotation Download.
*Barley1 GeneChip exemplar GO annotation is done by BarleyBase based on sequence similarity to UniProt entries and GOA annotation.
*Shown to the right side of each node are the total numbers of GeneChip exemplars matching that GO node. It may execeed the sum of matchings in its descedent nodes due to difference in GO annotation details.


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