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News Archive


  • Added "Feedback" form into BarleyBase website.


  • Updated the BarleyBase website.


  • Redesigned the Experiment Setup part of AADM schema according to MIAME standard.


  • Drew the AADM schema using ERwin 4.1 for redesigning the BarleyBase schema to MIAME-compliant


  • Dr.Dickerson gave a presentation at weekly MicroArray group meeting, see slides here


  • Downloaded MIAMExpress from http://www.ebi.ac.uk/microarray/MIAMExpress/miamexpress.html
  • Compared the database schema of BASE and that of ArrayExpress
  • Modified the BASE database schema to be MIAME-compliant



  • Finished the mapping between the AADM schema and Affymetrix data
  • Downloaded Dchip, and used it to analyze the Affy data
  • Finished the mapping between MIAME and Affymetrix experiment information



  • Downloaded the BASE
  • Uploaded *.CEL files into BASE



  • .CEL files were loaded into table spot_result, and the following fields were filled: x, y, intensity, sd, pixels
  • .TXT/.EXL files were loaded into table abs_gene_expr_result, and the following fields were filled: number_positive, number_negative, number_all, number_used, number_in_avg, avg_diff_intensity



  • BarleyBase database, which is on the server vracs001, was bulit
  • BarleyBase structure was finished, referring to Affymetrix AADM schema
  • Partial tables of barleybase were filled with arabidopsis data(AtGenome1) downloaded from Affymetrix
  • The following columns were added into the table scheme_unit:

                - genbank_no

                - description

                - sequence

                - start_position

                - end_position



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