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Analysis Paramter Details:
Owner: guest
Result Set Number & Name: jiangong_D1_R6, untitled
Data Set Used: jiangong_D1
Experiment: AT4, expression esitmation method: mas
Experiment Factor Levels Included in Analysis:
1. genotype--All_Levels; 2. organism part--All_Levels; 3. developmental stage--All_Levels;
Hybridizations Included in Analysis:
AT4_H1, AT4_H2, AT4_H3, AT4_H4, AT4_H5, AT4_H6, AT4_H7, AT4_H8, AT4_H9, AT4_H10, AT4_H11, AT4_H12, AT4_H13, AT4_H14, AT4_H15, AT4_H16, AT4_H17, AT4_H18, AT4_H19, AT4_H20, AT4_H21, AT4_H22, AT4_H23, AT4_H24, AT4_H25, AT4_H26, AT4_H27, AT4_H28, AT4_H29, AT4_H30, AT4_H31, AT4_H32, AT4_H33, AT4_H34, AT4_H35, AT4_H36, AT4_H37, AT4_H38, AT4_H39, AT4_H40,

Analysis Method 1: Hierachical Clustering
Clustering Method: "complete"
Distance Method: "correlation"
Mean-Centering Data: FALSE
Log2 Transform Data: FALSE
Intended Number of Clusters: 4
Creation Date: 2006-04-18 10:11:04


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