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     T: Treatment; R: Replicate
Help file. * Sample name: Expt# 11666-10 
Help file. * Organism: Hordeum vulgare 
Help file.   Sample type: leaf 
Help file.   Development stage:
    * 02-seedling growth (GRO:0007058) help
        * 2.02-first leaf unfolded (GRO:0007060) help
Help file.   Organism part:
plant anatomy ontology (PO:0009011)
     whole plant (PO:0009011) (PO:0009011)
        * leaf (GRO:0005306) help
            * first leaf (GRO:0005118) help
Help file.   Age:
single range
Min:7  Max:7  Unit:days 
Help file.   Initial time point:  
Help file.   Genetic variation: wild type 
Help file.   Individual indentifier: CI 16151 
Help file.   Individual genetic trait genotype: Mla 6 
Help file.   Separation technique: trimming 
Help file.   Sampling date (MM/DD/YYYY): 04/16/2003 
Help file.   Sample preparation date (MM/DD/YYYY): 04/28/2003 
Help file.   Hybridization date (MM/DD/YYYY): 05/18/2003 
Help file.   Cell type or target cell type:  
Help file.   Treatment application type:  
Help file.   Sample treatment protocol:  
Help file.   In vitro or in vivo treatment:  
---------------------------------------- Help file.Growth Condition ------------------------------------------
Help file.   Growth time:
single range
Min:7  Max:7  Unit:days 
Help file.   Growth temperature in oC:
single range
Min:25  Max:30 
Help file.   Growth media:   
Help file.   Description: Seedlings were grown in the greenhouse for 7 days.  
---------------------------------------- Help file.Sample provider information ------------------------------------------
Same as experiment submitter Different from experiment submitter
Help file.   Name: Rico Caldo  Help file.   E-mail: racaldo@iastate.edu 
Help file.   Institution: Iowa State University  Help file.   Head of lab: Roger P Wise 
Help file.   Telephone: 515-294-2893  Help file.   URL www.wiselab.org 
---------------------------------------- Help file.Protocol binding ------------------------------------------
Help file. * Extract protocol: Hot Phenol/Guanidine Thiocyanate and RNeasy Clean up  Help file. * Labeling protocol: Affy-Eukaryotic Target Preparation 
Help file. * Hybridization protocol: Affy- Eukaryotic Target Hybridization  Help file. * Scanning protocol: Affy- Array Scanning 
Help file. * Washing and staining procedure: Affy- Eukaryotic Array Washing and Staining 


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