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Number of Probe Sets: 200.
IDProbe SetExemplarSequence_DescriptionExpressionProfile Neighbor
18001 HM09M05r_at  Barley1_35411  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18002 HM09N05r_at  Barley1_35412  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_921477.1 1e-024 putative beta-ketoacyl-CoA synthase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 523; 2. gb|AAP53764.1 1e-024 putative beta-ketoacyl-CoA synthase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] LengthView View
18003 HM09N24r_at  Barley1_35414  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18004 HM09O05r_at  Barley1_35415  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAO72545.1 7e-029 scarecrow transcriptional regulator-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 618; 2. emb|CAD41165.1 4e-028 OSJNBa0064M23.10 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 619;View View
18005 HM09O07r_at  Barley1_35416  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAK25978.1 1e-034 AF360268_1 putative coated vesicle membrane protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 208; 2. gb|AAF13086.1 1e-034 AC009176_13 putative coated vesicle membrane protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 208;View View
18006 HM09P03r_at  Barley1_35417  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18007 HM10A04r_at  Barley1_35419  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18008 HM10A23r_at  Barley1_35421  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18009 HM10B14r_at  Barley1_35422  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18010 HM10C10r_at  Barley1_35424  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18011 HM10G06r_at  Barley1_35430  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18012 HM10J16r_at  Barley1_35436  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAC07110.1 1e-035 unknown protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 585; 2. ref|NP_917999.1 1e-035 P0519E12.30 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 585; 3. dbj|BAC10154.1 1e-035 unknown pView View
18013 HM10K10r_at  Barley1_35438  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAD35153.1 3e-045 unnamed protein product [Triticum aestivum] Length = 77; 2. emb|CAD35144.1 6e-044 unnamed protein product [Zea mays] Length = 114; 3. emb|CAD35158.1 1e-043 unnamed protein product [Triticum aestivumView View
18014 HM10M06r_at  Barley1_35442  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/26/02 NP_683476.1 5e-04 (NM_148635) MATE efflux family protein, putative; protein id: At1g66760.2 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18015 HM10P03r_at  Barley1_35444  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 NP_187207.1 3e-09 putative 60S ribosomal protein L22; protein id: At3g05560.1, supported by cDNA: 8244., supported by cDNA: gi_17529147View View
18016 HM10P11r_at  Barley1_35445  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18017 HM10P11r_s_at  Barley1_35445  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18018 HM10P15r_at  Barley1_35446  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18019 HM10P17r_at  Barley1_35448  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB90366.1 1e-034 putative amino acid transport protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 488; 2. emb|CAA54630.1 2e-034 amino acid permease [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 476; 3. gb|AAM20639.1 2e-034View View
18020 HM10P19r_at  Barley1_35449  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAF97980.1 1e-026 AC000103_30 F21J9.6 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 441; 2. ref|NP_564217.1 1e-026 lysine and histidine specific transporter, putative [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 441; 3. dbj|BAB01766.1 1e-026 amiView View
18021 HM11A01r_s_at  Barley1_35451  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18022 HM11C20r_at  Barley1_35458  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 BAB89847.1 4e-06 P0695H10.7 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18023 HM11D03r_s_at  Barley1_35460  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. T03250 2e-022 pir|| calmodulin-binding protein - maize (fragment) Length = 282; 2. gb|AAA33447.1 2e-022 calmodulin-binding protein Length = 282;View View
18024 HM11F16r_at  Barley1_35466  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/26/02 AAM64458.1 .061 (AY086391) unknown [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18025 HM11I04r_at  Barley1_35470  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. sp|P98204 2e-023 ALA1_ARATH Phospholipid-transporting ATPase 1 (Aminophospholipid flippase 1) Length = 1158; 2. gb|AAG01899.1 2e-023 AF175769_1 aminophospholipid flippase [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 1158; 3. ref|NP_5681View View
18026 HM11K07r_at  Barley1_35472  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18027 HM11K19r_at  Barley1_35473  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18028 HM11L09r_at  Barley1_35475  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 EAA15143.1 8e-05 agCP4709 [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST]View View
18029 HM11M18r_at  Barley1_35478  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18030 HM11O08r_at  Barley1_35484  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18031 HM11O08r_s_at  Barley1_35484  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18032 HM11O11r_at  Barley1_35485  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18033 HM11O16r_at  Barley1_35486  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18034 HM11P04r_at  Barley1_35488  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18035 HM12H05r_at  Barley1_35495  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB92284.1 2e-051 putative myb-related protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 302; 2. ref|NP_917110.1 2e-051 putative myb-related protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 302; 3. gbView View
18036 HM12H18r_at  Barley1_35497  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18037 HM12J12r_at  Barley1_35500  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 NP_568395.1 3e-07 putative protein; protein id: At5g20520.1, supported by cDNA: 36716., supported by cDNA: gi_19347880, supported byView View
18038 HM12K06r_at  Barley1_35501  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 NP_199200.1 2e-16 (NM_123754) putative protein; protein id: At5g43870.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18039 HM12O22r_s_at  Barley1_35511  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18040 HM13E09r_x_at  Barley1_35520  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18041 HM13G02r_at  Barley1_35523  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18042 HM13J15r_at  Barley1_35530  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18043 HM13L06r_at  Barley1_35535  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18044 HM13N19r_at  Barley1_35542  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18045 HM13O14r_at  Barley1_35544  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18046 HM13O19r_at  Barley1_35545  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18047 HM13O19r_s_at  Barley1_35545  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18048 HM14B07r_at  Barley1_35553  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18049 HM14E10r_at  Barley1_35562  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18050 HM14G03r_at  Barley1_35566  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 AAB70928.1 .003 (AF020261) proline rich protein [Santalum album]View View
18051 HM14G18r_at  Barley1_35567  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18052 HM14H06r_at  Barley1_35570  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18053 HM14H20r_at  Barley1_35572  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18054 HM14M18r_at  Barley1_35584  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18055 HM14M23r_x_at  Barley1_35585  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 AAL83689.1 3e-17 putative rubisco subunit binding-protein alpha subunit precursor (60 kDa chaperonin alpha subunit) [Oryza sativaView View
18056 HM14O03r_at  Barley1_35589  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18057 HO01A07r_at  Barley1_35596  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAB97281.2 7e-24 (AL389890) probable nicotinate-nucleotide pyrophosphorylase (carboxylating) [Neurospora crassa]View View
18058 HO01F15S_at  Barley1_35616  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18059 HO01F23S_at  Barley1_35618  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAD57856.1 4e-075 unnamed protein product [Zea mays] Length = 339; 2. dbj|BAA77387.1 5e-048 peroxidase 1 [Scutellaria baicalensis] Length = 322; 3. ref|NP_908519.1 2e-044 unnamed protein product [Oryza sativa (japoniView View
18060 HO01H04r_at  Barley1_35622  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18061 HO01J13S_at  Barley1_35627  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18062 HO02B19S_at  Barley1_35665  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18063 HO02C20S_at  Barley1_35669  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18064 HO02E06S_at  Barley1_35675  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18065 HO02E11S_s_at  Barley1_35677  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_180658.2 3e-022 protein kinase family [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 312; 2. D84715 3e-022 pir|| probable protein kinase [imported] - Arabidopsis thaliana Length = 375; 3. gb|AAC20735.1 3e-022 putative protein kinView View
18066 HO02O02S_at  Barley1_35719  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18067 HO02O08S_at  Barley1_35720  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18068 HO03I02S_at  Barley1_35762  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18069 HO03K04S_at  Barley1_35773  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAD21423.1 1e-44 (AL670011) related to RNA export mediator GLE1 [Neurospora crassa]View View
18070 HO03L07S_at  Barley1_35781  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18071 HO04B16S_at  Barley1_35804  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB16426.1 5e-021 elicitor inducible gene product EIG-I24 [Nicotiana tabacum] Length = 442;View View
18072 HO04D06S_at  Barley1_35812  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAL66888.1 2e-025 similar to nuclear transport factor 2 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 122; 2. gb|AAF99749.1 2e-025 AC004557_28 F17L21.10 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 122; 3. gb|AAK68829.1 2e-025 similar to nuclearView View
18073 HO04F17S_at  Barley1_35822  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAL82671.1 7e-06 (AC092387) unknown protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18074 HO04H12S_s_at  Barley1_35828  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18075 HO04H20S_at  Barley1_35831  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18076 HO04I06S_at  Barley1_35832  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18077 HO04L23S_at  Barley1_35844  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_200879.1 1e-08 putative protein; protein id: At5g60710.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana] dbj|BAB09844.1| retroelement pol polyprotein-like [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18078 HO05G15S_at  Barley1_35889  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18079 HO05M15S_at  Barley1_35908  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAD40812.1 2e-15 (AL606592) OSJNBa0006B20.3 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18080 HO05O09S_at  Barley1_35917  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAC28534.1 2e-026 putative protein kinase [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 799; 2. ref|NP_182115.2 2e-026 protein kinase family [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 834; 3. T02456 2e-026 pir|| protein kinase homolog F4I18.11View View
18081 HO06A21S_at  Barley1_35926  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18082 HO06E11S_at  Barley1_35938  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18083 HO06H02S_at  Barley1_35947  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18084 HO06I09S_at  Barley1_35950  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAA57134.1 1e-021 AWJL218 [Triticum aestivum] Length = 500; 2. S49302 1e-021 pir|| AWJL218 protein - wheat Length = 500;View View
18085 HO06M17S_at  Barley1_35973  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAD34306.1 5e-05 (AF099908) transposase homolog [Haemonchus contortus]View View
18086 HO06P19S_at  Barley1_35983  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18087 HO07I11S_at  Barley1_36024  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18088 HO07I16S_at  Barley1_36026  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 T51044 4e-11 related to spore coat protein SP96 precursor [imported] - Neurospora crassaView View
18089 HO07N21S_at  Barley1_36049  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18090 HO08B11S_at  Barley1_36062  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB91850.1 3e-05 (AP003350) putative fatty acid condensing enzyme CUT1 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18091 HO08C10S_at  Barley1_36066  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18092 HO08J02S_at  Barley1_36090  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18093 HO08P01S_at  Barley1_36112  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAL14203.1 3e-11 (AY057437) putative N-myristoyl transferase [Emericella nidulans]View View
18094 HO09C11S_at  Barley1_36125  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAC80645.1 .022 (AJ249727) prenylated Rab receptor 2 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18095 HO09D01S_at  Barley1_36129  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAD41325.1 2e-040 OJ991113_30.8 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 622; 2. gb|AAF79872.1 3e-024 AC000348_25 T7N9.25 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 601; 3. ref|NP_174039.1 3e-024 leucine-rich repeat traView View
18096 HO09D16S_at  Barley1_36134  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18097 HO09J15S_at  Barley1_36163  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAC49777.1 6e-04 (AF003104) AP2 domain containing protein RAP2.11 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18098 HO09M19S_s_at  Barley1_36169  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAA97223.1 3e-07 gene_id:MJM18.3~unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18099 HO10J02S_at  Barley1_36228  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18100 HO10M16S_at  Barley1_36240  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18101 HO10O22S_at  Barley1_36259  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAA25057.1 9e-054 unnamed protein product [Triticum aestivum] Length = 113; 2. dbj|BAB19812.1 9e-054 ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase small subunit [Triticum aestivum] Length = 175; 3. RKWTS5 9e-054 pirView View
18102 HO10P07S_at  Barley1_36261  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18103 HO11E24S_s_at  Barley1_36284  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18104 HO11K23S_s_at  Barley1_36311  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK98540.1 6e-06 (AF402799) putative glutathione S-transferase OsGSTU12 [Oryza sativa subsp. japonica] [Oryza sativa (japonicaView View
18105 HO11L24S_at  Barley1_36317  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18106 HO12E05S_at  Barley1_36346  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAL93265.1 .014 (AF487682) malate dehydrogenase [Talaromyces emersonii]View View
18107 HO12E21S_x_at  Barley1_36348  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18108 HO12F07S_at  Barley1_36352  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_193934.1 5e-05 (NM_118324) putative protein; protein id: At4g22030.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18109 HO12F08S_at  Barley1_36353  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAG48160.1 6e-13 (AF129497) class I alpha-mannosidase 1A [Aspergillus nidulans]View View
18110 HO12F15S_s_at  Barley1_36355  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18111 HO13A14S_at  Barley1_36405  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18112 HO13D02S_at  Barley1_36421  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB92134.1 2e-022 hypothetical protein~similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 3, T8P19.120 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 593; 2. dbj|BAB62632.1 2e-022 hypothetical protein~similar to ArabidopsiView View
18113 HO13D14S_at  Barley1_36423  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18114 HO13G22S_at  Barley1_36440  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18115 HO13H03S_at  Barley1_36443  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 P25710 1e-29 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase 21.3 kDa subunit pir||S14277 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) (EC 21.3K chain -View View
18116 HO13I12S_at  Barley1_36448  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 T18348 7e-40 probable pol polyprotein, truncated - rice blast fungus magnaporthe gypsy retrotransposonView View
18117 HO13N17S_at  Barley1_36472  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAM01060.1 3e-034 AC091735_33 Putative retroelement [Oryza sativa] Length = 986; 2. gb|AAP52803.1 3e-034 putative retroelement [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 986; 3. gb|AAM74406.1 3e-034 AC120497_6 PuView View
18118 HO13O09S_s_at  Barley1_36473  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18119 HO14A23S_at  Barley1_36484  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAB53474.1 .004 (AJ245900) CAA30371.1 protein [Oryza sativa]View View
18120 HO14C15S_at  Barley1_36489  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAC03293.1 3e-17 (AP003267) hypothetical protein~similar to Oryza sativa chromosome1, P0468H06.6 [Oryza sativa (japonicaView View
18121 HO14E07S_at  Barley1_36496  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18122 HO14E13S_at  Barley1_36498  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18123 HO14E18S_at  Barley1_36501  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAC40990.1 1e-030 ABC1 protein [Nicotiana plumbaginifolia] Length = 1436; 2. emb|CAD59570.1 1e-029 PDR-like ABC transporter [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 1444; 3. tpg|DAA00880.1 2e-028 TPA: PDR12View View
18124 HO14H22S_s_at  Barley1_36509  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18125 HO14I22S_s_at  Barley1_36515  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18126 HO14K20S_at  Barley1_36524  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAO38442.1 3e-023 hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 222; 2. gb|AAL83617.1 3e-023 AC093017_1 hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 129;View View
18127 HO14P06S_at  Barley1_36546  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18128 HO15C14S_s_at  Barley1_36562  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18129 HO15G06S_at  Barley1_36580  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_473153.1 .014 (NC_000521) regulatory protein, putative [Plasmodium falciparum 3D7]View View
18130 HO15L08S_at  Barley1_36592  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAK59824.1 7e-024 AT3g05590/F18C1_14 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 187; 2. sp|P42791 7e-024 RL18_ARATH 60S ribosomal protein L18 Length = 187; 3. gb|AAF26138.1 7e-024 AC011620_14 putative 60S ribosomal protein L18 [ArView View
18131 HO15P14S_at  Barley1_36615  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18132 HP01B09w_at  Barley1_36618  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18133 HP01B12w_at  Barley1_36619  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_191055.1 1e-17 (NM_115352) patatin-related; protein id: At3g54950.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18134 HP01E21w_at  Barley1_36625  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAM22827.1 2e-14 CI2E [Hordeum vulgare]View View
18135 HP01E21w_s_at  Barley1_36625  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAM22827.1 2e-14 CI2E [Hordeum vulgare]View View
18136 HP01G01w_at  Barley1_36629  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK15451.1 1e-18 (AC037426) unknown protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18137 HP01G01w_s_at  Barley1_36629  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK15451.1 1e-18 (AC037426) unknown protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18138 HP01H02w_at  Barley1_36630  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18139 HP01H17w_at  Barley1_36632  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAM08622.1 2e-06 (AC107314) Putative AP2 domain transcriptional regulator [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18140 HP01K13T_at  Barley1_36636  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18141 HP01L10T_at  Barley1_36637  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18142 HP01O07w_at  Barley1_36642  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18143 HR01A09u_at  Barley1_36645  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18144 HR01A18u_x_at  Barley1_36646  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18145 HR01B05u_at  Barley1_36648  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAM65973.1 3e-14 (AY088437) lipase/hydrolase, putative [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18146 HR01C15u_s_at  Barley1_36651  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB90499.1 7e-033 putative 60S ribosomal protein L18A [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 195; 2. ref|NP_916810.1 7e-033 putative 60S ribosomal protein L18A [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] LengtView View
18147 HR01C24r_at  Barley1_36653  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18148 HR01F11u_at  Barley1_36659  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK72885.1 1e-12 (AC091123) putative lipid acyl hydrolase [Oryza sativa]View View
18149 HR01G01r_at  Barley1_36660  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK39593.1 3e-04 putative cytochrome [Oryza sativa]View View
18150 HR01G08u_at  Barley1_36662  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18151 HR01H14u_at  Barley1_36663  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAC21392.1 9e-035 peroxidase [Zea mays] Length = 335; 2. gb|AAG46145.1 2e-032 AC082644_27 putative peroxidase [Oryza sativa] Length = 340; 3. ref|NP_909818.1 2e-032 putative peroxidase [Oryza sativa] Length = 340;View View
18152 HR01I06u_at  Barley1_36664  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18153 HR01L10r_at  Barley1_36667  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_196302.2 7e-06 (NM_120767) bZIP transcription factor family protein; protein id: At5g06840.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18154 HR01M21u_at  Barley1_36670  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAC84009.1 1e-029 peroxidase 1 precursor-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 157; 2. ref|NP_919197.1 1e-029 putative peroxidase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 343; 3. sp|PView View
18155 HR01N15u_at  Barley1_36673  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18156 HR01N22u_s_at  Barley1_36674  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB62578.1 1e-15 P0454H12.10 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] dbj|BAB64831.1| B1148D12.16 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18157 HR01N23u_at  Barley1_36675  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAC83891.1 5e-023 putative peroxidase prx15 precursor [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 349;View View
18158 HR01O04u_at  Barley1_36676  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB88935.1 1e-032 glucosyltransferase NTGT2 [Nicotiana tabacum] Length = 470; 2. gb|AAK54465.1 9e-032 cold-induced glucosyl transferase [Solanum sogarandinum] Length = 473; 3. dbj|BAA36421.1 3e-031 UDP-glucose:anthocView View
18159 HS01K16w_at  Barley1_36682  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB64732.1 1e-10 cullin-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] dbj|BAB64762.1| cullin-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18160 HS01M21w_s_at  Barley1_36686  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB89568.1 2e-023 putative protein phosphatase 2C [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 405; 2. ref|NP_915475.1 2e-023 putative protein phosphatase 2C [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 405;View View
18161 HS02H08u_at  Barley1_36692  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18162 HS02M04r_s_at  Barley1_36694  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAB65279.1 2e-15 (AJ248322) O-diphenol-O-methyl transferase [Medicago sativa subsp. x varia]View View
18163 HS02M04r_x_at  Barley1_36694  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAB65279.1 2e-15 (AJ248322) O-diphenol-O-methyl transferase [Medicago sativa subsp. x varia]View View
18164 HS02P08u_s_at  Barley1_36696  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18165 HS03C23r_at  Barley1_36702  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18166 HS03G06u_at  Barley1_36711  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18167 HS03H22u_at  Barley1_36714  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18168 HS03K03u_at  Barley1_36716  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB92927.1 1e-046 P0460C04.20 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 947; 2. ref|NP_915357.1 1e-046 P0460C04.20 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 947;View View
18169 HS03L15u_at  Barley1_36719  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK98727.1 8e-10 (AC090485) Putative anion transporter [Oryza sativa] [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18170 HS03N12u_at  Barley1_36722  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_916022.1 3e-050 putative pyrophosphate--fructose-6-phosphate1 phosphotransferase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 586; 2. dbj|BAB55499.1 3e-050 putatative pyrophosphate--fructose-6-phosphate1 phospView View
18171 HS03O16u_at  Barley1_36727  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAM23251.1 9e-050 AC092553_17 Putative pol polyprotein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 1426; 2. ref|NP_912850.1 9e-050 unnamed protein product [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 1330; 3.View View
18172 HS04A09u_s_at  Barley1_36731  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18173 HS04C17u_at  Barley1_36735  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 CAD40952.1 7e-11 (AL662937) OSJNBa0027G07.13 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
18174 HS04E01u_at  Barley1_36737  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_565108.1 .11 (NM_106188) expressed protein; protein id: At1g75340.1, supported by cDNA: gi_14335031 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18175 HS04E01u_s_at  Barley1_36737  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_565108.1 .11 (NM_106188) expressed protein; protein id: At1g75340.1, supported by cDNA: gi_14335031 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18176 HS04E10u_at  Barley1_36738  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18177 HS04H24r_at  Barley1_36741  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18178 HS04I15u_at  Barley1_36743  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_565636.1 4e-05 (NM_128269) Mutator-like transposase; protein id: At2g27110.1, supported by cDNA: gi_15982768 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
18179 HS04K08u_at  Barley1_36747  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAO38454.1 9e-041 pescadillo-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 604; 2. ref|NP_196956.1 3e-033 pescadillo - like protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 590; 3. emb|CAB87619.1 3e-033 pescadView View
18180 HS04L05u_x_at  Barley1_36749  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18181 HS04L14u_at  Barley1_36750  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB21159.1 .004 (AP002899) contains ESTs AU101349(E11470),C20073(E11470)~similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 1, F15D2.23~unknownView View
18182 HS04O06u_at  Barley1_36757  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAE02784.1 3e-036 OSJNBa0011L07.8 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 392; 2. gb|AAQ56810.1 9e-034 At5g66320 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 339; 3. ref|NP_201433.1 9e-034 GATA zinc finger protein [ArabView View
18183 HS05B02u_at  Barley1_36760  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_193160.1 2e-024 hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 514; 2. emb|CAB10203.1 2e-024 hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 514; 3. emb|CAB78466.1 2e-024 hypothetical protein [ArabidopsView View
18184 HS05B02u_s_at  Barley1_36760  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_193160.1 2e-024 hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 514; 2. emb|CAB10203.1 2e-024 hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 514; 3. emb|CAB78466.1 2e-024 hypothetical protein [ArabidopsView View
18185 HS05C08u_at  Barley1_36764  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18186 HS05C18u_at  Barley1_36766  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18187 HS05D04u_at  Barley1_36768  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18188 HS05D20u_s_at  Barley1_36772  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18189 HS05E04u_s_at  Barley1_36773  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAC19494.1 8e-044 maize 20S proteasome alpha subunit [Zea mays] Length = 246; 2. sp|Q9LSU3 2e-043 PSA6_ORYSA Proteasome subunit alpha type 6 (20S proteasome alpha subunit A) (20S proteasome subunit alpha-1) Length = 24View View
18190 HS05E20u_x_at  Barley1_36776  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18191 HS05F01u_x_at  Barley1_36777  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18192 HS05F03r_s_at  Barley1_36778  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18193 HS05F12u_s_at  Barley1_36779  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18194 HS05F12u_x_at  Barley1_36779  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18195 HS05F15r_x_at  Barley1_36780  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18196 HS05H08u_at  Barley1_36785  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 P34824 .034 Elongation factor 1-alpha (EF-1-alpha)View View
18197 HS05I21u_at  Barley1_36787  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAL73969.1 5e-034 AF465469_1 laccase LAC2-1 [Lolium perenne] Length = 579; 2. ref|NP_195946.2 1e-027 laccase (diphenol oxidase), putative [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 557; 3. T48347 1e-027 pir|| laccase-like proteinView View
18198 HS05I21u_s_at  Barley1_36787  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAL73969.1 5e-034 AF465469_1 laccase LAC2-1 [Lolium perenne] Length = 579; 2. ref|NP_195946.2 1e-027 laccase (diphenol oxidase), putative [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 557; 3. T48347 1e-027 pir|| laccase-like proteinView View
18199 HS05I23r_at  Barley1_36788  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
18200 HS05I23r_s_at  Barley1_36788  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
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