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Number of Probe Sets: 200.
IDProbe SetExemplarSequence_DescriptionExpressionProfile Neighbor
16601 EBpi01_SQ002_A19_at  Barley1_29886  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16602 EBpi01_SQ002_B23_at  Barley1_29888  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16603 EBpi01_SQ002_F17_s_at  Barley1_29891  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 EAA10504.1 .001 agCP2085 [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST]View View
16604 EBpi01_SQ002_G19_at  Barley1_29892  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16605 EBpi01_SQ002_G23_at  Barley1_29893  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16606 EBpi01_SQ002_G23_s_at  Barley1_29893  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16607 EBpi01_SQ002_J02_at  Barley1_29895  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16608 EBpi01_SQ002_J11_at  Barley1_29896  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16609 EBpi01_SQ002_J16_at  Barley1_29897  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 O49884 7e-10 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L30 emb|CAA11256.1| (AJ223316) ribosomal protein L30 [Lupinus luteus]View View
16610 EBpi01_SQ002_L02_at  Barley1_29898  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16611 EBpi01_SQ002_L02_x_at  Barley1_29898  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16612 EBpi01_SQ002_L03_at  Barley1_29899  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 BAB89966.1 8e-08 (AP003330) putative Cf2/Cf5 disease resistance protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16613 EBpi01_SQ002_L21_at  Barley1_29901  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16614 EBpi01_SQ002_N03_at  Barley1_29903  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16615 EBpi01_SQ002_N08_at  Barley1_29904  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16616 EBpi01_SQ002_N15_at  Barley1_29905  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16617 EBpi01_SQ002_N22_s_at  Barley1_29906  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16618 EBpi01_SQ002_O09_at  Barley1_29908  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAE03337.1 3e-032 OSJNBb0005B05.4 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 795; 2. emb|CAE02858.1 3e-032 OSJNBa0014F04.24 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 795; 3. dbj|BAC42549.1 5e-022 putatView View
16619 EBpi01_SQ002_O15_at  Barley1_29909  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16620 EBpi01_SQ002_O17_at  Barley1_29910  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16621 EBpi01_SQ002_P02_at  Barley1_29911  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16622 EBpi01_SQ002_P23_at  Barley1_29913  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16623 EBpi01_SQ003_C12_at  Barley1_29916  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16624 EBpi01_SQ003_C12_s_at  Barley1_29916  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16625 EBpi01_SQ003_E16_s_at  Barley1_29917  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 BAB63836.1 2e-09 putative legumin-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16626 EBpi01_SQ003_I06_at  Barley1_29920  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16627 EBpi01_SQ003_J17_at  Barley1_29922  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16628 EBpi01_SQ003_L11_at  Barley1_29924  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 NP_201234.1 5e-04 (NM_125825) 2-oxoglutarate/malate translocator; protein id: At5g64290.1, supported by cDNA: gi_15810580 [ArabidopsisView View
16629 EBpi01_SQ003_M12_at  Barley1_29925  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16630 EBpi01_SQ004_C23_at  Barley1_29930  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16631 EBpi01_SQ004_D06_s_at  Barley1_29931  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16632 EBpi01_SQ004_D13_at  Barley1_29933  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16633 EBpi01_SQ004_D19_at  Barley1_29934  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_196200.1 2e-06 (NM_120663) putative protein; protein id: At5g05810.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16634 EBpi01_SQ004_E15_at  Barley1_29935  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16635 EBpi01_SQ004_E18_at  Barley1_29936  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_566473.2 3e-04 subtilisin-like serine protease, putative; protein id: At3g14067.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16636 EBpi01_SQ004_G05_at  Barley1_29937  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16637 EBpi01_SQ004_I24_s_at  Barley1_29941  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16638 EBpi01_SQ004_J13_at  Barley1_29943  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16639 EBpi01_SQ004_K07_s_at  Barley1_29945  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16640 EBpi01_SQ004_K18_at  Barley1_29946  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16641 EBpi01_SQ004_O10_at  Barley1_29949  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16642 EBpi01_SQ005_A03_at  Barley1_29950  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16643 EBpi01_SQ005_B23_at  Barley1_29955  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16644 EBpi01_SQ005_B24_at  Barley1_29956  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAP21425.1 1e-037 putative translation elongation factor P [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 247; 2. ref|NP_567743.1 3e-025 expressed protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 258; 3. gb|AAM13289.1 3e-025View View
16645 EBpi01_SQ005_E16_at  Barley1_29958  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 S10076 2e-14 histone H4.2 - slime mold (Physarum polycephalum) emb|CAA33239.1| (X15141) histone H42 [Physarum polycephalum]View View
16646 EBpi01_SQ005_F23_at  Barley1_29960  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16647 EBpi01_SQ005_G10_at  Barley1_29961  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16648 EBpi01_SQ005_G20_x_at  Barley1_29962  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16649 EBpi01_SQ005_H01_at  Barley1_29963  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16650 EBpi01_SQ005_I12_x_at  Barley1_29964  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16651 EBpi01_SQ005_J09_s_at  Barley1_29965  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16652 EBpi01_SQ005_J19_at  Barley1_29967  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16653 EBpi01_SQ005_L09_at  Barley1_29969  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16654 EBpi01_SQ005_M04_at  Barley1_29970  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16655 EBpi01_SQ005_N10_at  Barley1_29971  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16656 EBpi01_SQ005_P14_at  Barley1_29973  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAF79431.1 .009 (AC025808) F18O14.25 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16657 EBpi01_SQ005_P17_at  Barley1_29974  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB63691.1 1e-10 P0518C01.30 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] dbj|BAB89865.1| P0698H10.8 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16658 EBpi03_SQ001_A23_at  Barley1_29977  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16659 EBpi03_SQ001_I14_at  Barley1_29985  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16660 EBpi03_SQ001_J13_at  Barley1_29986  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16661 EBpi03_SQ001_J21_at  Barley1_29988  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16662 EBpi03_SQ001_L04_at  Barley1_29992  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAB23155.1 4e-06 COT44=cysteine proteinase homolog [Brassica napus, seedling, rapid cycling base population CrGC5, Peptide, 328 aa]View View
16663 EBpi03_SQ001_N19_at  Barley1_29995  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16664 EBpi03_SQ001_N23_at  Barley1_29996  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_197550.1 .037 glutaredoxin; protein id: At5g20500.1, supported by cDNA: 115597. [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16665 EBpi03_SQ001_N23_s_at  Barley1_29996  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_197550.1 .037 glutaredoxin; protein id: At5g20500.1, supported by cDNA: 115597. [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16666 EBpi03_SQ002_C23_at  Barley1_30003  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16667 EBpi03_SQ002_D12_at  Barley1_30004  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16668 EBpi03_SQ003_A03_s_at  Barley1_30016  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAB70426.1 4e-12 (AC000104) Strong similarity to 60S ribosomal protein L17 (gb|X01694). EST gb|AA042332 comes from this gene.View View
16669 EBpi03_SQ003_B07_at  Barley1_30017  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAG51947.1 6e-023 AC015450_8 unknown protein; 70902-74753 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 1020; 2. H96793 6e-023 pir|| unknown protein F14G6.18 [imported] - Arabidopsis thaliana Length = 1020; 3. ref|NP_173522.1 4e-022View View
16670 EBpi03_SQ003_C01_s_at  Barley1_30021  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16671 EBpi03_SQ003_E09_s_at  Barley1_30024  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAP04182.1 1e-025 putative serine carboxypeptidase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 456;View View
16672 EBpi03_SQ003_I06_at  Barley1_30027  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAC01183.1 2e-027 putative 6b-interacting protein 1 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 332; 2. ref|NP_916877.1 2e-027 putative 6b-interacting protein 1 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length =View View
16673 EBpi03_SQ003_I07_at  Barley1_30028  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16674 EBpi03_SQ003_J22_at  Barley1_30030  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16675 EBpi03_SQ003_K06_at  Barley1_30031  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16676 EBpi03_SQ003_K07_at  Barley1_30032  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAP38212.1 4e-022 putative cyclic nucleotide and calmodulin-regulated ion channel protein [Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare] Length = 82;View View
16677 EBpi03_SQ003_N06_at  Barley1_30037  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16678 EBpi03_SQ003_N16_at  Barley1_30038  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16679 EBpi03_SQ003_P13_at  Barley1_30040  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16680 EBpi03_SQ003_P13_s_at  Barley1_30040  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16681 EBpi05_SQ001_F13_at  Barley1_30043  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_181459.1 4e-12 (NM_129484) unknown protein; protein id: At2g39260.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16682 EBpi05_SQ001_M11_at  Barley1_30049  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16683 EBpi05_SQ001_N05_at  Barley1_30050  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAC32132.1 5e-07 (AF051231) ISP42-like protein [Picea mariana]View View
16684 EBpi05_SQ002_A01_at  Barley1_30053  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16685 EBpi05_SQ002_I18_s_at  Barley1_30063  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16686 EBpi05_SQ003_H04_at  Barley1_30080  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16687 EBpi05_SQ003_I02_s_at  Barley1_30081  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16688 EBpi05_SQ003_M06_at  Barley1_30087  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAD57859.1 2e-045 unnamed protein product [Zea mays] Length = 328; 2. emb|CAD57867.1 2e-045 unnamed protein product [Zea mays] Length = 328; 3. gb|AAA65637.1 5e-034 peroxidase Length = 328;View View
16689 EBpi05_SQ004_B11_at  Barley1_30095  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAC06949.1 1e-12 hypothetical protein~similar to Arabidopsis thaliana clone 37689 mRNA, complete sequence. [Oryza sativa (japonicaView View
16690 EBpi05_SQ004_F11_at  Barley1_30098  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16691 EBpi07_SQ001_A11_at  Barley1_30107  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16692 EBpi07_SQ001_B14_s_at  Barley1_30109  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16693 EBpi07_SQ001_B18_s_at  Barley1_30110  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16694 EBpi07_SQ001_E20_at  Barley1_30114  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16695 EBpi07_SQ001_H07_at  Barley1_30118  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16696 EBpi07_SQ001_P12_at  Barley1_30128  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16697 EBpi07_SQ002_C01_at  Barley1_30130  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16698 EBpi07_SQ002_D03_at  Barley1_30131  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16699 EBpi07_SQ002_E06_at  Barley1_30133  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16700 EBpi07_SQ002_E08_at  Barley1_30135  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16701 EBpi07_SQ002_E23_s_at  Barley1_30136  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16702 EBpi07_SQ002_J15_at  Barley1_30139  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16703 EBpi07_SQ002_L11_s_at  Barley1_30143  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16704 EBpi07_SQ002_O11_s_at  Barley1_30147  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16705 EBpi07_SQ002_O14_at  Barley1_30148  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16706 EBpi07_SQ002_P18_s_at  Barley1_30149  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16707 EBro01_SQ001_C04_at  Barley1_30153  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB62588.1 2e-06 (AP003255) hypothetical protein~similar to Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 5, T20L15.220 [Oryza sativa (japonicaView View
16708 EBro01_SQ001_I18_at  Barley1_30164  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 EAA20418.1 4e-20 (AABL01000030) glucosamine-fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase [Plasmodium yoelii yoelii]View View
16709 EBro01_SQ001_M06_at  Barley1_30167  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16710 EBro01_SQ002_B19_at  Barley1_30173  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16711 EBro01_SQ002_F02_at  Barley1_30176  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16712 EBro01_SQ002_M14_at  Barley1_30185  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16713 EBro01_SQ003_E12_x_at  Barley1_30207  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAG49002.1 5e-06 putative ABC transporter [Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare]View View
16714 EBro01_SQ003_E14_s_at  Barley1_30208  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16715 EBro01_SQ003_F18_at  Barley1_30212  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_609840.1 .040 (NM_135996) CG6639 gene product [Drosophila melanogaster] gb|AAF53614.1| (AE003655) CG6639-PA [Drosophila melanogaster]View View
16716 EBro01_SQ003_J07_at  Barley1_30225  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16717 EBro01_SQ004_B20_at  Barley1_30248  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAD21412.1 4e-05 (AC005882) 3063 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16718 EBro01_SQ004_H14_at  Barley1_30259  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAL82521.1 2e-09 (AC084766) putative polyprotein [Oryza sativa]View View
16719 EBro01_SQ004_K12_at  Barley1_30266  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16720 EBro01_SQ004_K17_at  Barley1_30267  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16721 EBro01_SQ004_K17_s_at  Barley1_30267  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16722 EBro01_SQ004_L11_at  Barley1_30270  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_671903.1 .006 (NM_147358) CLE6, putative; protein id: At2g31081.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16723 EBro01_SQ004_M15_at  Barley1_30277  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16724 EBro01_SQ004_N24_at  Barley1_30280  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 EAA09482.1 1e-11 (AAAB01008900) ebiP3407 [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST]View View
16725 EBro01_SQ005_J04_at  Barley1_30299  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16726 EBro01_SQ005_J06_at  Barley1_30300  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAQ72349.1 6e-027 Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor 2 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 264; 2. gb|AAL10299.1 2e-026 AF412276_1 Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitor 1 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 240; 3. ref|NView View
16727 EBro01_SQ005_L10_at  Barley1_30304  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16728 EBro01_SQ005_M24_at  Barley1_30308  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16729 EBro01_SQ005_O17_at  Barley1_30316  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16730 EBro02_SQ001_A09_at  Barley1_30323  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16731 EBro02_SQ001_B04_at  Barley1_30326  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16732 EBro02_SQ001_B17_at  Barley1_30328  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16733 EBro02_SQ001_G03_at  Barley1_30335  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAE01504.1 5e-036 OSJNBb0026L04.9 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 476; 2. emb|CAD40841.1 3e-035 OSJNBa0086B14.13 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 491; 3. emb|CAE05669.1 6e-035 OSJNBView View
16734 EBro02_SQ001_G03_s_at  Barley1_30335  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAE01504.1 5e-036 OSJNBb0026L04.9 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 476; 2. emb|CAD40841.1 3e-035 OSJNBa0086B14.13 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 491; 3. emb|CAE05669.1 6e-035 OSJNBView View
16735 EBro02_SQ001_G12_at  Barley1_30336  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAM15795.1 5e-10 (AC104428) Hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16736 EBro02_SQ001_J03_at  Barley1_30342  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_912555.1 2e-033 Hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 399; 2. gb|AAN64138.1 2e-033 Hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 399;View View
16737 EBro02_SQ002_C17_at  Barley1_30359  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 O65796 2e-10 Glutamyl-tRNA reductase 3, chloroplast precursor (GluTR) pir||T04402 probable glutamyl-tRNA reductase (EC 1.2.1.-) - barleyView View
16738 EBro02_SQ002_C17_s_at  Barley1_30359  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 O65796 2e-10 Glutamyl-tRNA reductase 3, chloroplast precursor (GluTR) pir||T04402 probable glutamyl-tRNA reductase (EC 1.2.1.-) - barleyView View
16739 EBro02_SQ003_A18_at  Barley1_30384  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAM91577.1 1e-05 (AY128374) putative protein [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16740 EBro02_SQ003_O18_at  Barley1_30409  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16741 EBro02_SQ003_O24_at  Barley1_30410  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB89960.1 9e-13 putative 4-coumarate-CoA ligase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16742 EBro02_SQ004_C14_at  Barley1_30414  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16743 EBro02_SQ004_D07_at  Barley1_30416  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAM91564.1 3e-022 40S ribosomal protein S30-like protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 62; 2. ref|NP_565458.1 3e-022 40S ribosomal protein S30 (RPS30A) [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 62; 3. gb|AAL31237.1 3e-022 At2View View
16744 EBro02_SQ004_D16_at  Barley1_30418  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16745 EBro02_SQ004_E10_at  Barley1_30420  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16746 EBro02_SQ004_H10_at  Barley1_30422  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAG35658.1 .001 (AF204925) transcription factor WRKY4 [Petroselinum crispum]View View
16747 EBro02_SQ004_H15_at  Barley1_30423  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAK92630.1 9e-041 AC079633_10 Hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa] Length = 163;View View
16748 EBro02_SQ004_K12_at  Barley1_30429  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16749 EBro02_SQ004_K16_at  Barley1_30430  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16750 EBro02_SQ004_M17_at  Barley1_30435  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16751 EBro02_SQ005_B08_at  Barley1_30438  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAA21922.1 4e-06 ZPT2-13 [Petunia x hybrida]View View
16752 EBro02_SQ005_B08_s_at  Barley1_30438  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAA21922.1 4e-06 ZPT2-13 [Petunia x hybrida]View View
16753 EBro02_SQ005_I23_at  Barley1_30454  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAF98284.1 3e-10 (AF198492) SAM:benzoic acid carboxyl methyltransferase [Antirrhinum majus]View View
16754 EBro02_SQ005_L20_at  Barley1_30458  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16755 EBro02_SQ005_L23_at  Barley1_30459  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16756 EBro02_SQ006_A05_at  Barley1_30468  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16757 EBro02_SQ006_C03_at  Barley1_30471  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16758 EBro02_SQ006_C05_at  Barley1_30472  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16759 EBro02_SQ006_D14_at  Barley1_53090  BEST BLASTX NR: 01/27/03 CAB81950.2 .6 19A protein [Homo sapiens]View View
16760 EBro02_SQ006_D14_s_at  Barley1_53090  BEST BLASTX NR: 01/27/03 CAB81950.2 .6 19A protein [Homo sapiens]View View
16761 EBro02_SQ006_G13_at  Barley1_30481  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16762 EBro02_SQ006_G13_x_at  Barley1_30481  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16763 EBro02_SQ006_H18_s_at  Barley1_30484  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16764 EBro02_SQ006_H19_at  Barley1_30485  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16765 EBro02_SQ006_I14_at  Barley1_30486  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAD10029.1 9e-032 ribosomal protein S27 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 86; 2. gb|AAL06506.1 9e-032 AF412053_1 AT3g61110/T27I15_200 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 86; 3. gb|AAL90920.1 9e-032 AT3g61110/T27I15_200 [ArabView View
16766 EBro02_SQ006_L04_at  Barley1_30489  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16767 EBro02_SQ006_L04_x_at  Barley1_30489  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16768 EBro02_SQ006_N05_at  Barley1_30492  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16769 EBro02_SQ006_O21_s_at  Barley1_30495  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16770 EBro02_SQ007_A14_at  Barley1_30500  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16771 EBro02_SQ007_D04_at  Barley1_30503  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB63787.1 4e-12 (AP003607) contains ESTs AU062627(C12685),AU108605(C12685)~unknown protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16772 EBro02_SQ007_I24_at  Barley1_30511  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 EAA13878.1 1e-15 (AAAB01008980) agCP8133 [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST]View View
16773 EBro02_SQ007_J08_at  Barley1_30512  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB86897.1 2e-029 syringolide-induced protein B13-1-1 [Glycine max] Length = 567; 2. gb|AAF33751.1 1e-028 ascorbic acid oxidase [Capsicum annuum] Length = 265; 3. emb|CAA71274.1 3e-028 L-ascorbate oxidase [Cucumis meView View
16774 EBro02_SQ007_J14_at  Barley1_30514  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16775 EBro02_SQ007_J19_at  Barley1_30515  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16776 EBro02_SQ007_M05_at  Barley1_30523  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16777 EBro02_SQ007_M14_at  Barley1_30524  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16778 EBro02_SQ008_B03_at  Barley1_30530  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16779 EBro02_SQ008_B24_at  Barley1_30533  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16780 EBro02_SQ008_C06_at  Barley1_30534  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16781 EBro02_SQ008_C08_at  Barley1_30535  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16782 EBro02_SQ008_C12_at  Barley1_30536  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16783 EBro02_SQ008_C12_s_at  Barley1_30536  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16784 EBro02_SQ008_D20_at  Barley1_30539  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 PC4365 .062 calcium-binding protein - tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus) (fragment)View View
16785 EBro02_SQ008_H05_at  Barley1_30546  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16786 EBro02_SQ008_L16_at  Barley1_30551  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16787 EBro02_SQ008_M09_at  Barley1_30555  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. S22323 4e-045 pir|| histone H2B - wheat Length = 152; 2. sp|P27807 4e-045 H2B1_WHEAT Histone H2B Length = 152; 3. emb|CAA42530.1 4e-045 histone H2B [Triticum aestivum] Length = 152;View View
16788 EBro02_SQ008_N01_s_at  Barley1_30557  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16789 EBro02_SQ008_P15_at  Barley1_30559  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 AAK83527.1 .002 (AY036106) hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein VSP4 [Chlamydomonas reinhardtii]View View
16790 EBro03_SQ001_C05_at  Barley1_30560  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16791 EBro03_SQ001_M02_at  Barley1_30565  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAM16200.1 3e-033 AT3g04920/T9J14_13 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 133; 2. gb|AAL32749.1 3e-033 putative ribosomal protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 133; 3. gb|AAM63481.1 3e-033 putative ribosomal protein s19View View
16792 EBro03_SQ002_D18_at  Barley1_30576  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16793 EBro03_SQ003_E09_at  Barley1_30603  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16794 EBro03_SQ003_E18_s_at  Barley1_30604  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAB91903.1 3e-050 putative FtsH protease [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 715; 2. ref|NP_918496.1 3e-050 putative FtsH protease [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 715; 3. gb|AAC31223.2View View
16795 EBro03_SQ003_G18_at  Barley1_30608  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAC82908.1 4e-039 putative ribosomal protein S12 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 138; 2. dbj|BAC20920.1 1e-038 putative 40S ribosomal protein S12 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 138View View
16796 EBro03_SQ003_J21_at  Barley1_30614  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAD57851.1 3e-030 unnamed protein product [Zea mays] Length = 219; 2. ref|NP_914260.1 3e-029 putative peroxidase [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 365; 3. dbj|BAB63623.1 3e-029 putative peroxidase [OrView View
16797 EBro03_SQ003_L03_at  Barley1_30617  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16798 EBro03_SQ004_A01_s_at  Barley1_30622  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 NP_190058.1 4e-13 (NM_114340) putative chloroplast prephenate dehydratase; protein id: At3g44720.1, supported by cDNA: gi_17065231View View
16799 EBro03_SQ004_E10_at  Barley1_30628  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/06/02 BAB32502.1 5e-13 (AB044747) 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase [Phyllostachys edulis]View View
16800 EBro03_SQ004_J10_at  Barley1_30636  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
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