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Number of Probe Sets: 200.
IDProbe SetExemplarSequence_DescriptionExpressionProfile Neighbor
16401 EBem05_SQ004_K20_at  Barley1_29097  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16402 EBem06_SQ001_N09_at  Barley1_29116  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16403 EBem06_SQ001_N09_s_at  Barley1_29116  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16404 EBem06_SQ002_C05_at  Barley1_29120  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 BAB89945.1 7e-10 (AP003313) putative hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16405 EBem06_SQ002_J24_at  Barley1_29133  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16406 EBem06_SQ003_C02_at  Barley1_29139  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16407 EBem06_SQ003_C15_at  Barley1_29140  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 Q09020 .063 WOUND-INDUCED BASIC PROTEIN pir||JS0731 wound-inducible basic protein - kidney beanView View
16408 EBem06_SQ003_C15_x_at  Barley1_29140  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 Q09020 .063 WOUND-INDUCED BASIC PROTEIN pir||JS0731 wound-inducible basic protein - kidney beanView View
16409 EBem06_SQ003_J07_at  Barley1_29149  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16410 EBem06_SQ003_J09_at  Barley1_29150  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_032661.1 .012 (NM_008635) microtubule-associated protein 7 [Mus musculus] emb|CAA75495.1| (Y15197) microtubule-associated protein, MAP-115 [Mus musculus]View View
16411 EBem06_SQ004_E07_at  Barley1_29157  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16412 EBem06_SQ004_E07_s_at  Barley1_29157  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16413 EBem06_SQ004_E23_s_at  Barley1_29158  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAA86948.1 1e-051 histone H4 homolog Length = 103; 2. dbj|BAA85120.1 1e-051 histone H4-like protein [Solanum melongena] Length = 103; 3. dbj|BAB09507.1 1e-051 histone H4 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 103;View View
16414 EBem07_SQ003_D09_at  Barley1_29196  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_188945.1 2e-13 (NM_113205) indoleacetic acid (IAA)-inducible gene (IAA7); protein id: At3g23050.1, supported by cDNA: 38286., supported byView View
16415 EBem07_SQ004_I01_at  Barley1_29220  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16416 EBem08_SQ001_B01_at  Barley1_29230  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16417 EBem08_SQ002_D16_s_at  Barley1_29244  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_200854.1 1e-13 protein transport protein subunit - like; protein id: At5g60460.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16418 EBem08_SQ002_K13_at  Barley1_29248  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16419 EBem08_SQ002_L02_s_at  Barley1_29249  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16420 EBem08_SQ002_N23_x_at  Barley1_29253  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16421 EBem08_SQ003_L01_at  Barley1_29264  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16422 EBem08_SQ003_M18_at  Barley1_29265  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16423 EBem08_SQ003_N21_at  Barley1_29267  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16424 EBem08_SQ003_O18_at  Barley1_29269  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16425 EBem08_SQ004_F24_at  Barley1_29276  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16426 EBem08_SQ004_I12_at  Barley1_29277  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16427 EBem08_SQ004_K17_at  Barley1_29281  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 BAB89708.1 2e-05 (AP003269) putative dermal glycoprotein precursor [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16428 EBem08_SQ004_K18_at  Barley1_29282  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16429 EBem08_SQ004_M17_at  Barley1_29283  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16430 EBem08_SQ004_N04_at  Barley1_29285  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16431 EBem09_SQ001_A14_at  Barley1_29291  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16432 EBem09_SQ001_B21_s_at  Barley1_29294  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16433 EBem09_SQ001_C09_at  Barley1_29296  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16434 EBem09_SQ001_C10_at  Barley1_29297  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 BAC16228.1 3e-07 putative TPR-containing nuclear phosphoprotein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16435 EBem09_SQ001_C17_at  Barley1_29298  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_199987.1 .013 putative protein; protein id: At5g51740.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana] dbj|BAB11243.1| contains similarity to peptidase~gene_id:MIO24.13 [ArabidopView View
16436 EBem09_SQ001_F20_s_at  Barley1_29300  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 CAA93316.2 3e-14 (Z69370) nitrite transporter [Cucumis sativus]View View
16437 EBem09_SQ001_H19_s_at  Barley1_29301  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAC15877.1 9e-034 putative 60S ribosomal protein L44 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 105; 2. ref|NP_911994.1 9e-034 contains ESTs D22616(C0561),AU098311(C0735)~putative 60S ribosomal protein L44 [OryView View
16438 EBem09_SQ001_L06_s_at  Barley1_29305  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 T12197 2e-09 immunophilin - fava bean gb|AAB57848.1| immunophilin [Vicia faba]View View
16439 EBem09_SQ001_O02_s_at  Barley1_29306  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16440 EBem09_SQ002_H11_x_at  Barley1_29309  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 P49212 1e-15 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L37 pir||S44313 ribosomal protein L37, cytosolic - tomato (fragment)View View
16441 EBem09_SQ002_L08_s_at  Barley1_29312  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAK71662.1 .026 (AF395901) mature anther-specific protein LAT61 [Lycopersicon esculentum]View View
16442 EBem09_SQ002_L08_x_at  Barley1_29312  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAK71662.1 .026 (AF395901) mature anther-specific protein LAT61 [Lycopersicon esculentum]View View
16443 EBem09_SQ002_M07_at  Barley1_29314  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16444 EBem09_SQ002_P17_s_at  Barley1_29318  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16445 EBem09_SQ003_F03_at  Barley1_29327  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16446 EBem09_SQ003_F16_s_at  Barley1_29328  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16447 EBem09_SQ003_P12_s_at  Barley1_29337  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16448 EBem09_SQ004_B23_s_at  Barley1_29339  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16449 EBem09_SQ004_G07_at  Barley1_29344  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16450 EBem09_SQ004_H15_x_at  Barley1_29347  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16451 EBem09_SQ004_I01_at  Barley1_29348  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16452 EBem09_SQ004_N01_at  Barley1_29350  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16453 EBem09_SQ005_B09_s_at  Barley1_29360  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16454 EBem09_SQ005_B14_s_at  Barley1_29361  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16455 EBem09_SQ005_C08_s_at  Barley1_29362  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16456 EBem09_SQ005_D09_at  Barley1_29366  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16457 EBem09_SQ005_G06_at  Barley1_29371  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16458 EBem09_SQ005_H10_s_at  Barley1_29374  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16459 EBem09_SQ006_J23_at  Barley1_29401  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16460 EBem09_SQ006_K11_x_at  Barley1_29402  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16461 EBem09_SQ006_L23_at  Barley1_29405  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 T03731 3e-05 abscisic acid-induced protein - rice emb|CAA61981.1| EFA27 for EF hand, abscisic acid, 27kD [Oryza sativa]View View
16462 EBem09_SQ006_P13_at  Barley1_29410  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16463 EBem09_SQ007_D05_s_at  Barley1_29412  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16464 EBem09_SQ007_D05_x_at  Barley1_29412  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16465 EBem09_SQ007_E01_at  Barley1_29413  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16466 EBem09_SQ007_G10_at  Barley1_29416  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16467 EBem09_SQ007_P17_at  Barley1_29424  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 BAB89710.1 3e-14 putative disease resistance protein I2 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16468 EBem10_SQ001_A02_at  Barley1_29425  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16469 EBem10_SQ001_D03_at  Barley1_29428  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16470 EBem10_SQ001_I05_at  Barley1_29436  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16471 EBem10_SQ001_I24_s_at  Barley1_29438  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16472 EBem10_SQ001_J14_s_at  Barley1_29439  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAD39596.1 6e-11 Contains similarity to gb|CAB16841 trichohyalin like protein from Arabidopsis thaliana. [Oryza sativa]View View
16473 EBem10_SQ001_L08_at  Barley1_29440  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16474 EBem10_SQ001_N01_x_at  Barley1_29442  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16475 EBem10_SQ001_P13_s_at  Barley1_29444  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16476 EBem10_SQ002_A13_at  Barley1_29445  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16477 EBem10_SQ002_A13_s_at  Barley1_29445  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16478 EBem10_SQ002_A16_at  Barley1_29446  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16479 EBem10_SQ002_C21_at  Barley1_29448  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16480 EBem10_SQ002_I10_s_at  Barley1_29452  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAK55326.1 8e-04 thaumatin-like protein TLP8 [Hordeum vulgare]View View
16481 EBem10_SQ002_L14_s_at  Barley1_29458  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16482 EBem10_SQ002_L23_at  Barley1_29459  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16483 EBem10_SQ002_L23_s_at  Barley1_29459  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16484 EBem10_SQ003_G23_s_at  Barley1_29466  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16485 EBem10_SQ003_I02_at  Barley1_29468  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16486 EBem10_SQ003_I08_s_at  Barley1_29469  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16487 EBem10_SQ003_N11_at  Barley1_29471  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16488 EBem10_SQ004_A08_at  Barley1_29474  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16489 EBem10_SQ004_B20_s_at  Barley1_29477  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16490 EBem10_SQ004_C11_at  Barley1_29478  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 BAA85437.1 1e-06 (AP000616) Similar to Sequence of BAC F7G19 from Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 1; similar to SaccharomycesView View
16491 EBem10_SQ004_D16_at  Barley1_29479  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16492 EBem10_SQ004_F01_s_at  Barley1_29482  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16493 EBem10_SQ004_F11_at  Barley1_29483  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16494 EBem10_SQ004_H02_at  Barley1_29487  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16495 EBem10_SQ004_H14_at  Barley1_29488  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16496 EBem10_SQ004_J15_at  Barley1_29491  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16497 EBem10_SQ004_L13_at  Barley1_29493  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_030434.1 3e-07 (NM_129443) expressed protein; protein id: At2g38860.1, supported by cDNA: 114031. [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16498 EBem10_SQ004_P21_x_at  Barley1_29496  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16499 EBem10_SQ005_F01_x_at  Barley1_29505  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16500 EBem10_SQ005_G09_at  Barley1_29506  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16501 EBem10_SQ005_L23_x_at  Barley1_29512  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16502 EBem10_SQ005_N05_at  Barley1_29514  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16503 EBem10_SQ005_P17_x_at  Barley1_29517  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16504 EBes01_SQ001_F10_at  Barley1_29527  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_193721.1 6e-08 (NM_118106) putative protein; protein id: At4g19860.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16505 EBes01_SQ002_A24_s_at  Barley1_29542  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAK74044.1 6e-11 (AY045686) AT5g57120/MUL3_6 [Arabidopsis thaliana] gb|AAL06977.1| (AY056089) AT5g57120/MUL3_6 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16506 EBes01_SQ002_D15_at  Barley1_29547  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16507 EBes01_SQ002_E05_at  Barley1_29548  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16508 EBes01_SQ002_J08_at  Barley1_29553  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. emb|CAC60127.1 6e-029 unnamed protein product [Zea mays] Length = 603; 2. gb|AAF68437.1 6e-029 putative DNA cytosine methyltransferase Zmet3 [Zea mays] Length = 603; 3. gb|AAN61474.1 2e-028 Putative DNA cytosine methyltrView View
16509 EBes01_SQ002_N18_at  Barley1_29556  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16510 EBes01_SQ002_O07_at  Barley1_29557  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 CAB56550.1 .038 (AJ011557) ae1 protein [Zea mays] emb|CAB56552.1| (AJ011559) ae1 protein [Zea mays]View View
16511 EBes01_SQ003_D22_x_at  Barley1_29562  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16512 EBes01_SQ003_E04_at  Barley1_29563  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16513 EBes01_SQ003_E13_s_at  Barley1_29565  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 P17093 1e-18 40S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN S11 gb|AAC14469.1| ribosomal protein S11 [Glycine max]View View
16514 EBes01_SQ003_E20_at  Barley1_29566  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAK92649.1 1e-06 (AC079634) Hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa] [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16515 EBes01_SQ003_J24_at  Barley1_29569  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 AAM22811.1 .036 (AF427791) HV711N16.14 [Hordeum vulgare]View View
16516 EBes01_SQ003_K12_at  Barley1_29570  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16517 EBes01_SQ003_M14_at  Barley1_29573  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16518 EBes01_SQ003_N19_at  Barley1_29574  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16519 EBes01_SQ003_O17_at  Barley1_29576  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16520 EBes01_SQ003_P22_x_at  Barley1_29578  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAG46123.1 6e-025 AC082644_5 hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa] Length = 114; 2. ref|NP_909476.1 6e-025 hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa] Length = 114;View View
16521 EBes01_SQ004_F23_at  Barley1_29584  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16522 EBes01_SQ004_G11_at  Barley1_29587  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16523 EBes01_SQ004_K24_at  Barley1_29591  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 CAB56550.1 6e-05 (AJ011557) ae1 protein [Zea mays] emb|CAB56552.1| (AJ011559) ae1 protein [Zea mays]View View
16524 EBes01_SQ004_M23_at  Barley1_29597  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 Q40901 .001 GAMMA-THIONIN HOMOLOG PPT PRECURSOR pir||S52634 gamma-thionin - Petunia inflataView View
16525 EBes01_SQ004_M24_at  Barley1_29598  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_194529.1 6e-16 (NM_118938) putative protein; protein id: At4g28000.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16526 EBes01_SQ004_N07_at  Barley1_29600  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAP79890.1 3e-048 SKP1/ASK1-like protein [Triticum aestivum] Length = 175; 2. emb|CAB85491.1 4e-046 putative kinetochore protein [Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare] Length = 175; 3. emb|CAB87813.1 2e-042 putative kinetocView View
16527 EBma01_SQ001_B22_at  Barley1_29606  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16528 EBma01_SQ001_F22_at  Barley1_29613  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16529 EBma01_SQ001_O20_at  Barley1_29622  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16530 EBma01_SQ002_A20_at  Barley1_29625  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_191102.1 8e-04 (NM_115400) putative protein; protein id: At3g55420.1, supported by cDNA: gi_17979304 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16531 EBma01_SQ002_F07_s_at  Barley1_29631  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 P43156 .007 Thiol protease SEN102 precursor pir||S57777 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precursor - Hemerocallis xView View
16532 EBma01_SQ002_F17_at  Barley1_29633  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. ref|NP_567062.1 2e-026 expressed protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 314; 2. gb|AAK49594.1 2e-026 AF372878_1 AT3g58180/F9D24_90 [Arabidopsis thaliana] Length = 314; 3. gb|AAM98300.1 2e-026 At3g58180/F9D24_90 [ArabidopView View
16533 EBma01_SQ005_B17_at  Barley1_29663  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16534 EBma01_SQ005_G16_at  Barley1_29665  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_181367.1 2e-19 (NM_129389) hypothetical protein; protein id: At2g38330.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16535 EBma01_SQ005_J20_at  Barley1_29668  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_187924.2 .036 (NM_112158) sun protein (fmu protein), putative; protein id: At3g13180.1, supported by cDNA: gi_18176251 [ArabidopsisView View
16536 EBma01_SQ005_K17_at  Barley1_29671  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16537 EBma01_SQ005_P22_s_at  Barley1_29680  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_192083.1 .012 (NM_116404) CHP-rich zinc finger protein, putative; protein id: At4g01740.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16538 EBma03_SQ001_C19_at  Barley1_29683  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16539 EBma03_SQ001_D18_at  Barley1_29684  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16540 EBma03_SQ001_K06_x_at  Barley1_29692  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. dbj|BAA35121.1 2e-051 DnaJ homolog [Salix gilgiana] Length = 420; 2. gb|AAD51625.1 3e-051 AF169022_1 seed maturation protein PM37 [Glycine max] Length = 417; 3. gb|AAO72551.1 1e-050 DNAJ-like protein [Oryza sativa (japoniView View
16541 EBma03_SQ001_N10_at  Barley1_29697  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16542 EBma03_SQ001_O12_at  Barley1_29700  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16543 EBma03_SQ002_D19_at  Barley1_29704  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16544 EBma03_SQ002_F16_s_at  Barley1_29706  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16545 EBma03_SQ002_J20_x_at  Barley1_29710  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16546 EBma03_SQ002_K01_s_at  Barley1_29711  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16547 EBma03_SQ002_K22_x_at  Barley1_29714  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16548 EBma03_SQ002_M07_at  Barley1_29718  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16549 EBma03_SQ002_M18_at  Barley1_29719  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16550 EBma03_SQ003_D20_at  Barley1_29731  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16551 EBma03_SQ003_G07_s_at  Barley1_29736  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16552 EBma03_SQ003_I18_at  Barley1_29737  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16553 EBma03_SQ003_J21_at  Barley1_29739  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16554 EBma03_SQ003_J21_s_at  Barley1_29739  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16555 EBma03_SQ003_L08_at  Barley1_29740  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16556 EBma03_SQ003_L08_s_at  Barley1_29740  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16557 EBma03_SQ003_L14_s_at  Barley1_29741  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16558 EBma03_SQ003_N08_s_at  Barley1_29743  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16559 EBma03_SQ003_O14_at  Barley1_29745  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16560 EBma03_SQ003_P07_at  Barley1_29746  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16561 EBma03_SQ003_P14_s_at  Barley1_29747  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 NP_196664.1 3e-04 putative protein; protein id: At5g11030.1 [Arabidopsis thaliana] pir||T51792 hypothetical protein T5K6_20 - Arabidopsis thalianaView View
16562 EBma04_SQ002_G23_at  Barley1_29752  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16563 EBma04_SQ002_J11_at  Barley1_29753  BEST BLASTX NR: 10/13/02 BAB85244.1 6e-06 P0425G02.19 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] dbj|BAB90385.1| P0432B10.3 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16564 EBma04_SQ002_L13_s_at  Barley1_29754  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16565 EBma04_SQ002_L23_s_at  Barley1_29756  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16566 EBma04_SQ002_N16_at  Barley1_29759  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. T47785 5e-021 pir|| hypothetical protein F17J16.80 - Arabidopsis thaliana Length = 507; 2. sp|Q9LYT3 5e-021 TT12_ARATH TRANSPARENT TESTA 12 protein Length = 507; 3. emb|CAB86931.1 5e-021 putative protein [Arabidopsis thaliView View
16567 EBma04_SQ003_H18_s_at  Barley1_29763  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16568 EBma04_SQ003_K13_s_at  Barley1_29765  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16569 EBma04_SQ004_B18_at  Barley1_29767  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16570 EBma04_SQ004_G11_at  Barley1_29768  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16571 EBma04_SQ004_H13_at  Barley1_29770  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16572 EBma04_SQ004_K04_at  Barley1_29772  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16573 EBma05_SQ001_N04_at  Barley1_29786  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16574 EBma05_SQ002_B10_at  Barley1_29787  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16575 EBma05_SQ002_C09_at  Barley1_29788  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16576 EBma05_SQ002_M06_at  Barley1_29793  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16577 EBma05_SQ003_B12_at  Barley1_29795  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16578 EBma05_SQ003_C16_s_at  Barley1_29796  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16579 EBma05_SQ003_D16_at  Barley1_29797  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16580 EBma05_SQ003_H21_at  Barley1_29803  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 P49212 2e-16 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L37 pir||S44313 ribosomal protein L37, cytosolic - tomato (fragment)View View
16581 EBma05_SQ003_N16_at  Barley1_29806  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16582 EBma08_SQ001_P14_at  Barley1_29833  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16583 EBma08_SQ002_F06_at  Barley1_29836  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16584 EBma08_SQ002_M18_at  Barley1_53089  BEST BLASTX NR: 01/27/03 BAC27870.1 .5 unnamed protein product [Mus musculus]View View
16585 EBma08_SQ003_G06_at  Barley1_29847  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16586 EBma08_SQ003_L03_at  Barley1_29853  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16587 EBma08_SQ003_L11_at  Barley1_29854  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16588 EBma08_SQ004_C09_at  Barley1_29860  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16589 EBma08_SQ004_C15_s_at  Barley1_29861  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16590 EBma08_SQ004_I07_at  Barley1_29866  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 NP_192765.1 2e-04 probable wound-induced protein; protein id: At4g10270.1, supported by cDNA: 1831. [Arabidopsis thaliana]View View
16591 EBma08_SQ004_N18_at  Barley1_29871  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16592 EBpi01_SQ001_A05_s_at  Barley1_29872  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16593 EBpi01_SQ001_B04_s_at  Barley1_29873  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16594 EBpi01_SQ001_C05_at  Barley1_29874  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16595 EBpi01_SQ001_C06_at  Barley1_29875  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 CAD39845.1 8e-06 (AL606634) OSJNBb0072N21.11 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]View View
16596 EBpi01_SQ001_D04_at  Barley1_29876  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16597 EBpi01_SQ001_G04_at  Barley1_29878  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
16598 EBpi01_SQ001_I04_s_at  Barley1_29881  BEST BLASTX PLANTS: 10/14/03 1. gb|AAO72678.1 6e-028 gamma hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase-like protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length = 293; 2. dbj|BAC78559.1 6e-028 hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] Length =View View
16599 EBpi01_SQ001_K06_s_at  Barley1_29883  BEST BLASTX NR: 11/04/02 Q05462 6e-05 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L27 pir||T06451 ribosomal protein L27 - garden peaView View
16600 EBpi01_SQ001_L06_at  Barley1_29884  BEST BLASTX NR: View View
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