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Microarray Hybridization Details

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Details of Hybridization TA1_H1

Hybridization Accession No.:TA1_H1
Treatment No.:1
Replicate Number:1
File Name Prefix:0502-1_0308-1_BB1_H3_Wheat
Sample Accession No.:TA1_S1
Sample Name:0308-1
Factor--genotype:Wheat (BB1-H1/S1)

EXP File for Hybridization Conditions:

Robust Muti-Array (RMA) Estimation Parameters:

Affymetrix MAS5.0 Estimation Parameters:

Raw Intensity Summary:

RMA Estimation Summary:

MAS5.0 Estimation Summary:

Histogram of Raw PM and MM Intensities, red= PM, white = MM:

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