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Expression analysis of Arabidopsis suspension cells during sucrose starvation.

Experiment Name: Expression analysis of Arabidopsis suspension cells during sucrose starvation.
Accession No. & GeneChip: AT8, ATH1-121501
Submitter: Experimenter: , submitted by Diane C Bassham
Experiment Type: time course
Experiment Factor: compound
Number of Replicates: 2
Quality Control Steps: biological replicates
Quality Control Description: None
Publication_id: PubMed: 15310832
Contento A.L., Kim S.J. and Bassham D.C. (2004) Transcriptome profiling of the response of Arabidopsis thaliana suspension culture cells to sucrose starvation. Plant Physiol., 135(4), 2330-47.
Last Update Time: 2004-10-25 11:17:18
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Description: Arabidopsis suspension cells were grown for 48 hours in medium that contained or lacked sucrose. Total RNA samples were used to perform Affymetrix GeneChip Analysis with ATH1 chips. Sample designations are listed below:

BASSHAM 1 = 0 hour plus sucrose
BASSHAM 2 = 24 hour no sucrose
BASSHAM 3 = 48 hour no sucrose
BASSHAM 4 = 48 hour plus sucrose
BASSHAM 5 = 48 hour no sucrose plus PEG (osmotic control)

Name: Diane Bassham
Institution: Iowa
Head of Laborotary:


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